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URSUS - Extra létt kerra

URSUS - Extra létt kerra

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Ultralight stroller URSUS™ is designed for daily rehabilitation of children with locomotor disabilities. As far as its construction is concerned, the frame and seat are made of high-strength aluminum, and the chassis is additionally cushioned. URSUS™ is equipped with ClickClack™ feature, which means that you can easily swap the seats and adjust the stroller to the most suitable mode.

The device has a wide range of adjustments such as width, seat depth, backrest height, backrest tilt angle, infinitely adjustable tilt-in-space function – TILT-IQ™, reversible seat. URSUS™  has also been equipped with spatial, breathable upholstery that prevents excessive sweating as well as bedsores, and more to the point, positively influences the comfort of use. Moreover, the stroller can easily be converted into a lounger so that the child can sleep in it.

The product is available in 3 different sizes with a very wide range of accessories that will help you to meet the individual needs of user.

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