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Tomcat Tamara

Tomcat Tamara

Verð kr740,000 ISK
Verð Útsöluverð kr740,000 ISK
Útsala Uppselt
Uppgefið verð er miðað við grunnútgáfu. Endanlegt verð ræðst af völdum aukahlutum og gengi við greiðslu.

The world’s only trike designed for hoist users

It has all the innovative accessories and features of the Tomcat Fizz trike with the added bonus of a “Tilt Away” backrest that allows the rider to be lowered in a standing sling without the backrest and its accessories getting in the way.


How it Works

A swivel saddle allows the hoist to approach from either side.  When the rider is seated, the saddle swivels to the front and the backrest returns to its preset ride position.  The whole operation takes just seconds, which significantly reduces time, stress and effort for rider and carers alike.

Other Benefits.

The Tamara design is light but very rigid, making if suitable for obese riders who find they sway uncomfortably on other tricycles.  The backrest is removable which coupled with our signature “Quick-Release” frame system, makes the Tamara one of our most transportable trikes.

Custom Building.

Needless to say – being a Tomcat – the Tamara is bespoke for the rider (or group) from the wheels up because we believe it is better to make your trike after we understand your difficulties and not before!  Our products are about you – not us.


Transport with ease

Easy to assemble and very easy to transport thanks to its two piece frame system.


Trike or trailer

It can be reconfigured from tricycle to trailer in just a few seconds.


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