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TATALU - Barnakerra

TATALU - Barnakerra

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TATALU™ – a stroller which makes walks with your child even more comfortable.

A new version of the stroller with a lightweight and durable construction designed to perform well in all conditions. Its umbrella frame folds easily and quickly and takes up little space after folding. A number of improvements enhance the comfort of use both for the child and caregiver.

The stroller can be fully customized – you decide which accessories will work for you. TATALU™ – means comfort and stabilization! A number of improvements, such as the SOFT upholstery covering the sides of the stroller to provide protection of the user, adjustable 5-point safety belts, headrest or footrest with the possibility of changing the height, make the young user feel comfortable and safe.

The SOFT upholstery meets the requirements of caregivers, which is confirmed by the CIGARETTE TEST proving that it is made of a non-flammable fabric. The increased comfort is due to an independent, reinforced shock absorption system and swivel front wheels which provide great maneuverability of the stroller.

TATALU™ – see for yourself that walks with your child can be even more enjoyable!

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