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Rifton Pacer Gönguþjálfi

Rifton Pacer Gönguþjálfi

Verð kr216,000 ISK
Verð Útsöluverð kr216,000 ISK
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Uppgefið verð er miðað við grunnútgáfu. Endanlegt verð ræðst af völdum aukahlutum og gengi við greiðslu. Hafið samband til að fá nánari upplýsingar.

Ready to go everywhere.

Gait training has come a long way since we introduced our first model in the 1980s, and our Pacer continues to evolve and improve to meet our customers’ needs. Over the years your suggestions have helped us keep our design at the cutting edge.


Why dynamic?

Walking is complex. When we talk about dynamic gait training we refer to the often unobserved but significant shifts of body and weight that occur in typical gait patterns. In the therapy community there is a growing consensus that a well-positioned pelvis in combination with dynamic movement is critical to successful gait training. A specialized gait trainer, like the Pacer, helps achieve this proper positioning and provides the dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting needed for a more natural gait pattern and easier stepping.

Determine what size client will fit in the large dynamic PacerThe Pacer
The Pacer, because it can be configured in so many ways, can accommodate clients of every ability, in any environment. Everything about the Pacer encourages progress for clients so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go. It’s the versatility and dependability you’ve come to expect from Rifton.

The Pacer is easily configured to meet your client’s every need. Choose between dynamic and standard upper frames and pair them with standard, utility and treadmill/stability bases.


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