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RACER BodyMap - Kerra

RACER BodyMap - Kerra

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RACER BodyMap® is a perfect solution for people with lack or limited body stabilization.

RACER BodyMap® is a stroller that enables carrying children and adults with limited mobility. It can be used either in the user’s home or rehabilitation centres. Stabile construction as well as system of vacuum cushions BodyMap® make the user feel safe and comfortable.

BodyMap® system consists of:

  • BodyMap® A+ seat cushion with pelvis stabilization and abduction block– its profiled shape contributes to the correct sitting position and the abduction block prevents crossing of the legs.
  • BodyMap® B+ backrest cushion with trunk side stabilization – provides additional trunk stabilization perfectly adapting to the shape of the spine. Used both for posture alignment and comfort increase. You must no longer use extra“ fillers” and other rollers.
  • BodyMap® D headrest – it makes your head appropriately supported. It easily adapts to the shape of the head. The headrest is filled with granulate whose properties allow additional stabilization from every side of the head.
  • Lower limbs separator with calf support belt helps to stabilize and keep the lower limbs in correct position, additionally prevents from crossing of the legs.
  • Electric pump – greatly facilitate shaping of the cushions. Most importantly, you are able to shape the cushions without necessity of removing the user from the stroller. In order to change its shape again, you should inflate some air inside.
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