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Hippolib V2 - Reiðstuðningur

Hippolib V2 - Reiðstuðningur

Verð kr695,000 ISK
Verð Útsöluverð kr695,000 ISK
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What is the Hippolib?
Hippolib® is an educational saddle module resulting from collaboration between the equestrian and disability sectors. It offers a safe way for people with reduced mobility to (re)practise horse riding.

Who carried it out?
The research was carried out in collaboration between ENE (French National Riding School) and CAIPS (Centre for Image Analysis and Sports Performance), and funded by the French Ministry of Sport. A rider from the Cadre Noir de Saumur and a disabled rider took part in the development, testing the prototypes. Manufactured by Janton, a company that has specialised in the disability sector since 1945, Hippolib® represents an innovation at the service of the equestrian industry.

Who is it for?
Adapted riding offers significant advantages to people with reduced mobility, in particular paraplegics, people with multiple disabilities, and those with mental or psychological deficits.

«The first quality of the Hippolib® equipment was to minimise the gap between CoG1 horse and CoG1 rider, and thus avoid having to train the horse to accept the particular position of its disabled rider»

Horse riding provides a huge range of benefits physically and psychologically. Having equipment that is versatile and supportive is key to safe and fun riding. 

The Hippolib V2 pack has everything needed to provide support for a range of ability levels. 

What do you get in the Hippolib V2 PACK - Riding School

  • V-Trak backrest Large
  • V-Trak backrest Small
  • Low Back Support
  • Cushion
  • Saddle blanket.


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