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HARMONY - Barnakerra

HARMONY - Barnakerra

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HARMONY™ is a special needs stroller designed for children with musculoskeletal dysfunctions. It has the most important features of a therapeutic wheelchair, while not resembling it at all. Thanks to its proven technical solutions, it is safe, stable and at the same time very comfortable.

HARMONY™ provides a high degree of stability and fit. The length-adjustable backrest, seat and single-column footrest allow the stroller to be properly adjusted to the child’s height. The head stabilizer, along with torso and hip pelvises, support the little user’s body by providing lateral stabilization. The comfortable multifunctional seat has a front- to-back option. This gives the child the option of sitting facing forward while observing the surroundings or backward while maintaining eye contact with the caregiver. The bucket function allows you to smoothly adjust the tilt angle of the entire seat.

HARMONY™ stroller is equipped with a cushioned suspension system that is adjustable. There are two modes to choose from: City for riding on a flat, level road and Comfort for riding on difficult, uneven terrain. The front swivel wheels with lockable steering further help maneuver the stroller in tight spaces.

Available in 1 universal size. It is designed for the youngest users up to about 120 cm in height.

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