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Ampli Plus sjúkrarúm

Ampli Plus sjúkrarúm

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Easy to transport, easy to mount and dismount, very low adjustments, the perfect bed for rental, Home Care use and nursing Homes.

In conformity with the European standards from 2013, Herdegen has developped and manufactured the ultimate bed for the rental market.
Our «Ampli Plus» beds are simple to dismount in order to enable an easy delivery to the patient’s home. Based on a scissor mechanism and equipped with 2 or 3 actuators, the new Ampli Plus bed fulfills your toughest expectations:

- an ultra low bed adjusting from 22 to 85.5cm, so called Alzheimer bed (patented mechanism).

- the single bed on the market with an integrated transport trolley. No need of tooling, no need of storing any parts, the transport trolley is integrated in the bed’s frame and protected on the international market by 2 patents.

Our bed complies with the IEC 60601-2-52-22 and 93/42/EEC norms and side rails regulations.

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