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Ferðastóll - Gólfstóll

Ferðastóll - Gólfstóll

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Travel SIT is an orthopaedic seat for children, who are up to 125 cm tall. This device stabilises both the back and the head. 

This device consists of a seat equipped with six mobile pelottes. These pelottes, along with two safety belts and an anatomic headrest aim to support the user when he or she assumes a sitting position. The whole device is covered with a ZERO SPOT SYSTEM upholstery, which prevents the absorption of a spilled liquid into the fabric fibres. This material is not only very practical, but it also comes in saturated colours and is pleasant to use

Travel SIT is anticipated for all the small patients, who travel frequently, move from the house to the centre, school, kindergarten and need to have a professional rehabilitation chair, which the child can easily take wherever he or she goes. You can put our chair in your backpack and start your journey. Transporting an orthopaedic chair has never been easier.

Travel SIT is a device, which helps to position the patient and enables the patient to seat in a normal or reclined position. The chair can be used in the following diseases: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, palsies of different aetiologies, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, conditions following spinal injuries, conditions following craniocerebral trauma, conditions resulting from strokes, posture defects, and scoliosis in particular, in case when other appliances do not apply.



  • developing the proper sitting pattern in all daily situations, when it is impossible to use the big and heavy standard seat,
  • improving lung ventilation and preventing pneumonia,
  • improving physical condition,
  • treating and slowing the progression of scoliosis in children and young adults who have lost the ability to walk.


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